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Friday, July 25, 2008


Just found out that a friend and also schoolmate of mine is one of the ASTRO Star Quest top 5 finalists. It's a real achievement, you know, and we, Terengganurians, feel proud of you. I guess he has a dream and the dream comes true after some serious hard work. I don't know whether Danny Koo or also known as Kar Lin will be able to view this post or not, but I sincerely wish him all the best for tomorrow's competition at Bukit Jalil.


To vote for Danny, view HERE to find out how. He was and is a wonderful singer and if I am not mistaken, his favourite artist is no other than Jay Chou. Kar Lin, don't stop to unleash your potential in singing. I am sure you will be someone, someday.


(he is the one wearing white shirt : the furthest left from your view)

Alright, you all see this coming, don't you? HAHA! When the time comes, my wish is to get a free original music album with your signature on it. Yeepi! So, gambateh for it ya. By the way, I have viewed your Music Video on Astro and it is simply fantastic. Hope that this post can help you to win more votes. And, for sure, I will be voting for you.

p/s : For more pictures, click here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tagged by Jayvian

Jayvian, your timing can never be better than this. Now's holiday which means there's lots of time for me to waste.

7 facts about me :

  1. Can forgo 2 subsequent nights of sleeping, but need to compensate for the hours after that.
  2. Hate bad pretenders. (You must act well to look good. If not, don't try him.)
  3. Prefer to sleep upside-down and without pillow if he finds difficulties in sleeping.
  4. Do not have bitter gourd and ladies finger in his menu.
  5. Will not be friendly to a stranger. That's why Sun Quan said that I am very 'cheng4'. Haha. You too lah, say me.
  6. Very vulnerable to the effects of caffeine in coffee and tea with milk. (Sadly, this leads to POINT 3.)
  7. Think that happiness is the most important element in life.

7 things that scare me :

  1. Things or incidents, which he dreams of, good or bad, come true. (Yeah, that's real freaky.)
  2. PMS girls.
  3. Bitter gourd and ladies finger.
  4. Crowd.
  5. Crying girls.
  6. Boring lecturer, who is teaching a boring topic, in a boring class.
  7. Not intentionally causing harm to others, physically or mentally.

7 songs playing in my head lately :

  1. Nocturne in F Op 15 no 1 by F. Chopin.
  2. Fantasy impromptu in C minor Op 66 by F. Chopin.
  3. Etude in C minor Revolutionary Op 10 no 12 by F. Chopin.
  4. Fantasie for piano, chorus & orchestra Op. 80 Choral Fantasy by Beethoven.
  5. Sonata for Violin and Piano by Mozart.
  6. 最长的电影 by 周杰伦
  7. 落叶归根 by 王力宏 (these songs are a few of my favourites, and yes, they have been playing in my head lately)

7 valuable things / people in my life :

  1. His family.
  2. His friends.
  3. His memory of the past.
  4. His iPod.
  5. His soul.
  6. His music.
  7. His "angel". (Running out of ideas. Pinjam one from you ye.)

7 'First time' in my life :

  1. Drank Irish Coffee (2007)
  2. Had a roommate (2006)
  3. Mountain-hiking (2002)
  4. Sang K (2005)
  5. Proper date (2005)
  6. Dedicated a song on the radio... it's MixFM I guess (2004)
  7. Cycled to Merang in the midst of a monsoon downpour - and no, he wasn't crazy. It's for the K. Scout qualification exam. (2004)

7 words or things that I use to say / do :

  1. 炸...(after 2 beats)...到!!!
  2. 傻掉
  3. pek chek ar!
  4. 人,最重要是要开心。
  5. 开心就好。
  6. Shitty baby...
  7. Stare blankly if he has nothing to do.

7 people I tag :

  1. Joanne Tiong
  2. Eu Jeen
  3. Chai Ei
  4. Si Han
  5. Peng Seng
  6. Johnson Neo
  7. Gloria (Johnson and you previously tagged me. I still remember huh! Lolz!!!)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Equivalent Trade

I have always wanted to scribble some words for this topic ever since a very long time ago. No... it has nothing to do with the Japanese anime, Full Metal Alchemist. In fact, it can well be classified as one of the principles in life.

"Nothing gained is without sacrificing something of equal value."

Is this the law of conservation? Many people believe solely in equivalent trade. So, they strive very hard for excellence in life, only ending up in the wrong direction. And, as a result, they lose their faith in it. The long studying hours you spend on your desk will be translated into stupidity if you screw up your grades. There're actually more things and various factors in life than just equivalent trade which people fail to see.

Let me quote a fictional example. In the twin paradox experiment, a space shuttle which can travel at the speed of light is invented (this is not possible as Albert Einstein clearly states that the fastest movement of things or elements on earth will never match the speed of light). A pair of twins take part in the what so-called as an experiment which will lead to the breakthrough of human in science. So, the younger brother enters the space shuttle and begins his journey to space. He travels until the date on his watch shows that he has traveled for one year. Then, he changes his course back to earth. The whole to-and-fro journey will take only 2 years to him. However, to the people outside the space shuttle, it's already 2 light years. Imagine what will he see if he returns to earth. If the experiment fails, he would be able to see his elder brother again. But, what if the experiment succeeds? His brother might have turned into ashes or fossilised, a fact which will definitely traumatise him. At the end of the day, he will ask himself whether all this is worth the effort and sacrifice. Is this really "equivalent" trade? Or the trade has taken much more than what it can offer to the poor twins?

The equivalent trade system can be thought of as a balancing machine. Balance or 'yin' and 'yang' is the essence of life. No, you can't just simply brush me off and say this whole balance thingamabob is a total bullshit. Here, I would like to stress that it is what we call as ancient wisdom and there's certainly some truth in it. It's a known fact that feng shui can affect one's career, business and life, directly or indirectly. And as a matter of fact, this art is based on the 'yin' and 'yang' theory. So, no matter what you do, never overdo it.

The world is originally not equal and fair on it own. Some people are born rich; some people are born as paupers. The poor has done nothing wrong, whereas the rich has done nothing right. So, what leads to the significant difference between them? In my opinion, there's no equivalent trade before and at the point when one is born, but it will govern one's life till death. Hence, it's what you have done and who you are when you are put into the coffin or burnt into ashes that matters. A simple question, who do you want to die as?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Goodbye Wei Ming, Hui Xin, Jia Huey and Chai Ei

It's customary for me to blog about my friends in KT who are leaving or had already left for their respective universities overseas. Chai Ei, I know it seems odd to include you in this post as well. But, I gave my words that I will publish a proper post for you once I am free. And well, I am free now.

I have no idea how long or short this post will be as I will write this, in an unplanned manner, naturally. Words and thoughts, which slip across my mind, will be draining into my writings with no restriction at all. So, pardon me if this post seems a little unorganised.

Let me begin with Chai Ei first. Well, I have known him since primary school, which is exactly the page in my life journal where I can hardly recall what happened and who I had come across back then. He's born short. Actually, it's not the "dwarf" which you think. He is just slightly shorter than the mean height of male students in class. One nice thing which I had learned from Einstein's theory of relativity is that adjectives such as short, tall, rich or poor are actually only valid if they are compared relatively to another subject. Adjectives are in actual fact subjective. If you compare freedom in Malaysia and China, you will say that Malaysia is indeed a "free" land. However, if you wish to compare it with the United States of America, we, Malaysians, are actually living a 'caged' life.

But, we should always look at the bigger picture. Height isn't the only characteristic worth elaborating when we talk about Chai Ei. He's an understanding and considerate lad. You will always feel comfortable at his presence. Oh... not to forget this guy has also an astounding stamina level and I was honoured to share glory with him when I was the runners-up, whereas he was the champion for the intra-school Jog-A-Thon competition during Form 5. Anyway, Chai Ei, we should feel proud as it's a rare occasion for two runners from 5sc1 to clinch titles in that yearly event.

We had had many wonderful moments. The Gunung Tebu hike would never be forgotten. It's a torment to reach the peak of the mountain, but once we were there, everything seemed worth the effort. By the way, when are you going to conquer Mount Fuji oo excursionista (or better known as haika in Japanese).



Besides that, it's a known fact that our "Sejarah" teacher loved to sit on your table. Haha... You must have been feeling rather nervous during our every "Sejarah" lessons. Remember the tone... "LAI-CHAI-Eiiii"? It's definitely in F#.

There're tonnes of stories more to be shared and memories to be cherished, but I think it's best for me to summarise everything in point form.


  1. He has had many nicknames. Among them, chalet, akia etc. But, I would rather call him Chai Ei.
  2. He enjoys hiking. Yeah, at least he used to love it.
  3. He sat on my left-hand-side in class during form 5.
  4. He had been associated with many girls. The names will not be disclosed. Hmm... Playboy huh?
  5. He always prepared himself decently before each "Sejarah" lesson. Well, pity him... He was the teacher's favourite target.
  6. He plays football and badminton well.
  7. He never takes things personally. Cool.
  8. ...and much more to be discovered by you.

If you want to know Chai Ei more, you have to befriend him. That's the golden rule. Anyway, all the best in your future undertakings ya Chai Ei. Wish you "shiawase" in Japan. Forgive me for my crappy Japanese intonation. ^^ Maybe you can correct me since you are the expert here. =)

Now, we move on to "4 Sekawan". Lolz.... "4 Sekawan" actually consisted of Jia Huey, Wei Ming, Hui Xin and Gim Hui. Opss... No, plus the twins, there're 6 of them. It's kind of complicated. Arithmetic isn't easy when it comes to explaining, you know? One lame example is the proving of 1+1=2.

Haha... Okay, things are getting out of hand. SO, I will briefly introduce you to Wei Ming, Hui Xin and Jia Huey. (Sorry Gim Hui... You must cut down your waist measurement first only will I blog about you.) :P JKJK... Next time only blog about you as I had said earlier, I will only publish post about those who are going to overseas as a tribute or something like that lah. However, rest assured that I will certainly include Han Loong as one of the "kelefeh's" in it.

I am getting tired of typing already, so I will talk about these 3 girls very briefly. They have formed a clan or something like that since high school. ^^ "4 Sekawan", that's what we used to call the organisation. And three of them manage to obtain the PSD scholarship for dentistry. They had completed their Cambridge A-Levels at Kolej Teknologi Timur and are going to India soon enough.

What You Should Not Know About Wei Ming :

  • She's quiet.
  • Always keeps to herself.
  • Is owned and not available. So, forget about it lah guys. (It's for your sake) :P
  • Prefers to keep a low profile.
  • Is closely-associated with books.
  • I really don't know what to say already. (Hitting my head against the wall) Any idea, Wei Ming? *sigh*

What You Should Know About Jia Huey :

  • Refer to Wei Ming (above).
  • But exclude the third point as I don't know about her current status.
  • Multiply the first point with a factor of 1,000,000.
  • Okay okay... I admit. This is as far as I can go. "Phew~!" Having severe migraine now. Seriously, I need some rest to clarify my memory.

What You Should Know About Hui Xin :

  • Hates Kanana language or whatever you call it.
  • Plays Maple ??? zzzzZZ
  • My dad friend's daughter.
  • Related to Xin Yan in certain ways. She's your cousin, right?
  • Played badminton with her last week.
  • White in colour.
    • The process of bleaching can be summarised in the following set of chemical reaction:

      Cl2(aq) + H2O(l) \rightleftharpoons H+(aq) + Cl-(aq) + HClO(aq)

      The H+ ion of the hypochlorous acid then dissolves into solution, and so the final result is effectively:

      Cl2(aq) + H2O(l) \rightleftharpoons 2H+(aq) + Cl-(aq) + ClO-(aq)

If you fail to see what I have written for Wei Ming, Jia Huey and Hui Xin, that means I have been blackmailed by the influential "4 Sekawan" gang. Don't! Don't inform the cops as you will jeopardise my life. The only thing you can do now is leaving a comment here for this post. :P

GOOD LUCK TO YOU, GUY AND GIRLS! May you have smooth-sailing academic years.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Scheiße! Scheiße! Scheiße!

Woke up "7 early 8 early" with high spirit... 'Yeah, today I am going to do my medical check-up at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah.'

Fetched mum, dad and sis to their respective schools.
Went to the hospital at 7 something. Woah, many parking lots. *grin*

Went to "Kaunter Pertanyaan" and asked where should I register for med check-up?
Both women at the counter replied, "Oh... Masih awal lagi. Pukul 9 baru kaunter check-up buka. Pergi minum minum dululah."

Okay, so I sat down at one corner and took out my Sun Tzu's "The Art Of War" to read.
Pondered upon an interesting part :
"I have heard that in war
Haste can be
But have never seen
Delay that was

Around 8.45am, people were already queuing up at the check-up counter and I followed suit.

9.00am>>> A lady appeared at the counter and said, "Ada buat temujanji ke? Hanya mereka yang buat temujanji sahaja yang boleh buat check-up."

What the...........&*^$#%@^&!!! Okay, that's fine then. I would just make an appointment. I opened the book and just as I wanted to write my name and IC number on it, I was startled... The date on the page was 26/8/2008!!! What the...........&%$&^&^#^#^*%^$^!!! The next appointment will be more than one month from now.

Lucky me... I went to find a neighbour of mine who was working there. She knew people in the hospital and helped me to arrange for an appointment. Guess when will that appointment be? Tomorrow. =) Woohoo...!

Now... I would really love to do my med check-up anywhere, but at the government hospital. However, in the letter from PSD, they clearly stated this : "Untuk makluman, saudara/i dikehendaki untuk menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan di hospital kerajaan atau hospital swasta (klinik swasta tidak dibenarkan)..." And I have no idea whether private hospital exists in Kuala Terengganu.

Anyway, when I received the letter, it's already way past the deadline for submission of med report. And, they printed out my home address wrongly. They (PSD) totally screwed up this, big time.

I am going to hospital again tomorrow. *sigh* Wish me luck so that I don't have to wait long for my turn. This morning was really "Scheiße! Scheiße! Scheiße!".

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Of $$$ in Malaysia

Malaysia is a rich country actually. It's just that certain mismanagements by the authority had caused us much misfortune.

If all ministers were to be issued an official order to use public transport only, I am sure the current public transport is to be improved significantly. *grin* However, this is Malaysia and with the current government, it is not possible. We are far from being dynamic. Our economy is stagnant, if not degrading, and our reactions to global issues are slow. Where's the biodiesel which was promised? Malaysia will be bloody rich if one day there is a way to move the engine with palm oil. And if one day, when the biodiesel is to be implemented in Malaysia, care should be taken that such wealth will not fall into the hands of other nations like what it seems is a tradition.

By the way, "Vision 2020", is it just a dream? =) If yes is the answer, then I would like to dream on. You know why? Because this is what typical Malaysians do and I am a Malaysian with "Kewarganegaraan : Malaysia" on my all-glorious-but-serve-no-function-blue-coloured MyKad.

Monday, June 30, 2008